Entry: The Boy and the Stars 2010.06.29

I once met a boy, seven, whose magic hands could pick a star from the sky. One night he took the brightest one, put it in his pencil case, and brought it to his school. His peers looked in awe at the cotton-like, glittering star. He was soon known as The Boy with a Star in His Pencil Case, and gained many friends. But, the star stayed bright for seven days only. Soon it faded away. As the light was dimming, so were his friends leaving. With no bright star in his pencil case, the boy was left alone.

He grew up, and learned more.

At fourteen, the boy caught another star. It was bigger and brighter than the first one. He put it inside a clear glass, locked it, and hung it by the window of his bedroom. The star shone bright, and made his home look so special. Soon, he was known as The Boy with a Star by the Window of His Bedroom. Neighbors flocked in awe, and wondering who the boy was. But, the star stayed bright only for seven months. Soon it faded away, and soon he was left alone again. Everybody forgot who he was.

He grew up, and learned much more.

At twenty one, he built himself a big air balloon. The carriage was good for two, with some extra space. One night, as the sky was the brightest, and all the stars in the universe were shining, he prepared the air balloon to take off. He made an announcement to the people in his town.

"When I was young, I kept the love in a pencil case. I was brokenhearted soon. As I grew up, I tried to share it with many. Still, I was not good enough to do it. Tonight, I want to fly up there, and live among the stars. It might sound crazy, and but this air balloon that I built is good for two. If you believe in me, come and join me. We may not live long up there, and but we'll be among the stars."

Illustration by Kathy Mackey, GettyImages.com


June 29, 2010   12:13 PM PDT
Entah mengapa, tapi jadi terharu setelah baca.
Coitus Phobia
June 30, 2010   11:31 AM PDT
beautiful words....

keep up the good mood!
June 30, 2010   01:02 PM PDT
August 26, 2011   05:04 PM PDT
very inspiring...
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