Entry: When I say that I'm against religions ... 2010.06.14

... it's because I want to put God in the proper position; out of all kinds of box we humans - especially those who proclaim their inferiority over a Supreme Being - have put him/her into.

... I never say I'm an atheist, neither an agnostic - for I humbly admit that I don't fully understand the meaning of it.

... it's because I believe humans should be either godly, or godless. Any doubt to make you stand in between will lead to confusion and false beliefs that will spread like a deadly virus.

... I am encouraging those who are identified as merely religious to free themselves from rules, laws, and doctrines that predecessors had stamped and/or suggested, and elevate to the level where we are supposed to be: a personal communion with the Supreme Being we believe where we can enjoy first-hand experience of their supremacy.

... it's because we all have witnessed the mess religions have made and are still making in this world.

... it's because I truly believe that religions are man-made. Spirituality doesn't count on rules, laws, and doctrines, but ultimately on personal experience. A communion of believers should be focused on edifying each other to escalate the level of spirituality and godliness, and should never interfere with other things, especially politics.

... I am also saying that I am a Christian, and Christianity is not a religion. I am truly sorry if many who claimed themselves as Christians - even "born again" ones - still think otherwise, thus not helping to make the world a better place for all.

... I am encouraging all of us to be free from symbols, and claim each of our own selves a unique individual, spiritually defined by either a very personal relationship with the Supreme Being, or absolutely none of such things.

I believe ...

... God has zero interest in your religion. That, if you believe in God.

... God won't mind how many times you follow or break the rules. God will only be concerned about our personal relationship with Him/Her.

... religions have too many things to do with God. God has nothing to do with religions.

... religions do not care about us, but we care too much about them.

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June 14, 2010   11:29 PM PDT
Love god, hate religion, and love you mr. -bitchy- Ve.
June 14, 2010   11:31 PM PDT
I'm just against religions. Hatred is another thing, Jaunty :)
June 16, 2010   07:19 PM PDT
how should I say "speechless" in this "toughtful comments" box ? :D
July 26, 2010   11:17 AM PDT
I love this post! Our relationship with God is unique, very personal and also very particular. Therefore it should not be labeled under one "religion" or else. Thanks for sharing, Ve :D
August 1, 2010   10:36 PM PDT
Perfectly summarized! I just hope.. more and more people have similar way of thinking....
August 3, 2010   12:36 AM PDT
This is awesome, I can read it like 100 times and still amazed by this post. Thanks a lot for sharing :)
Rahan Galileo
August 21, 2010   09:10 PM PDT
Totally agree with you. Nice writing..

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