Entry: the maker's call 2009.03.31

adam, adam, why are you hiding
if you say you have no wrongdoing
come out, come out, and face the light
i will not judge, and i will not fight

you have realized you are exposed
you are embarrassed of who you are
come out, and make yourself composed
you know you can never run too far

don't blame the woman, don't blame the snake
truthful answers a man must make
where have you been, not by her side
how could you let her take the bite

the fruit is nothing, it's my command
simple and clear to understand
of thousand things that you may do
only one tree you shouldn't go to

it's not a trap, it's not a test
how can i've missed what you would've done
but it's my plan the very best
to plot the coming of my only son

it's just this little game i play
your descendants will fade away
you're nothing but a potter's clay
i am the god you all should say

if you deny, go bite the dust
into the water you all go must
scattered apart to lose your bound
the earth's cracked to take you down

you keep on fighting me, oh please do
you want to question my authority
you know i will always come to you
and the answer will be calamity

i offer you peace through my only son
those who love him will win my heart
miracles and wonders he has all done
you don't believe, you tear him apart

i am the maker, i am the ruler
don't ask what's fair, this game is mine
a change of heart you've had never
throughout the time you've missed the sign

today you say you don't need me
today you say you don't even care
you know yourself, and clearly see
you're only trying to run from me

are you being cool, or just pretending
you are someone who's independent
are you being smart, or just confusing
what's the answer, and what's the question

adam, adam, why are you hiding
behind your gold, behind your glory
haven't you known they are but lasting
just be a man, and come to face me!


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