Entry: Dear Infotainment 2009.12.23

You are funny, you are entertaining, and sometimes - when you're in your best mood - informative as well. We love to laugh with you, and at you. We also love to get upset with you, and - when you're in your worst mood - at you.

I am sorry that Luna Maya has mentioned that you are worse than prostitutes and murderers. I believe she has the rights to be upset, yet I don't believe than revealing such painful truth is a lovable move of hers.

I am also sorry that you are defended by the very tired, God-knows-what-for organization called PWI (Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia). I believe the post-power syndrome display has made your name even worse than it has already been.

You have been born in the era of celebrity culture. When people love to peek at their idol's daily life, you have become their eyes and ears. (Not their heart, though.) Thanks to some celebrities who open doors to welcome your poorly trained reporters and cameramen, you have grown as a big baby, showered with a big chunk of marketing and promotion budget from advertisers. You have made your parents - those TV stations and channels - proud. You are so young, uneducated, yet you can bring so much revenue to the showbiz family.

Some celebrities might have been so desperate that they even welcome you to their bedrooms. These are people who have nothing inside their head, so they can only show what they have under their skirts.

Thanks to this kind of celebrities, you grow to believe that without you, artists - vocalists, musicians, actors, actresses, supermodels, etc - can not be "big".

Dear Infotainment, I hate to tell you this truth, but here you go: You are not God.

Real artists have real talents. Long before the ridiculous word "infotainment" invented, we have already known Christine Hakim, Jenny Rachman, Rano Karno, Roy Marten, Onky Alexander, and many many many more. We were, are, and will be fine without you.

Long before you start invading promotional and marketing events (e.g. Gala Premieres, Album Launches, etc.) only to look for raunchy gossips, we have scored big success in selling and introducing creative works to the public and audience.

So, what makes you think that we need you? What makes you think we owe you? You were born because big talents were born, then you've turned them into "celebrities" - a label that is not necessary at all, and often mistaken as "freaks".

Yes, Infotainment, even a freakish moron can be in TV these days, thanks to your bad taste! An ex-wife of a vocalist who became such a drama queen and thought she could act in a movie? Now, that's the kind of "artist" who would happily invite you to reveal the color of the underwear she's wearing.

Dear Infotainment,

A few of you has done a good job, and I know "good job" often means "lower rating", and that's not making Father TV pleased. Kudos, and you are well appreciated! Yet, many of you are taking the easy way, and it is - sorry to say - very prostitution-ish. It's like, "Oh, my mother in the village is sick, so here I am, selling my pussy to pay for her medication."

"If we don't make up stories, or manipulate the footage to tell misleading news, or even make fake recordings, then we will not have sensational news to sell, then ratings will go down, advertisers stop giving the money, Father TV will be upset, then our program will be killed, and we will lose our job!" That's your best excuse?

Come on, Infotainment, stop being a drama queen! If you want to spend more time in brainstorming, and learn from E! Channel, and are daring enough to challenge your Producers and Advertisers, then you can come up with a much better programming.

What, are you blaming most of your audience that are not "smart" enough to chew good programs? Darling, if you have a baby who cannot walk, will you tell her to keep on crawling on the floor for the rest of her life? Will you not tell her how to walk? Will you not encourage your audience - most of them in rural areas of our country, with no formal education, low income, living a humble life where gossiping about Luna Maya with neighbors is a staple thing to do - to learn to appreciate people more?

Don't you think broadcasting positive news of a celebrity's life is "selling a dream" as well? Or, do you think the divorce of a certain celebrity couple is a dream to sell?

I cannot totally put the blame on you, Infotainment. This is a chaotic system that needs time to reconcile. Yet, when people are pointing at you, and saying that you are lower that prostitutes and murderers, you know what ... the statement bears a high level of truth. You have been selling your soul to the Rating Devil.

It's all about choices, really. To say that you can't do anything about it means to show that you are weak. And, when you chose to be weak, please don't try to judge someone who's trying to be strong.

You can chose to leave the chaotic system. You can chose the harder way. You can chose to shift your talents somewhere else. For example, cameramen: do wedding videos. Why not? You will become a part of many people's happy day, and the money can be very good if you are really putting your heart into it. Reporters, you can always find something else to do. Always. Read many kinds of magazines, and you'll find plenty of opportunities there.

You can chose to make your life not out of other people's private lives. You can chose to have a heart. (And when you don't want to chose to have a heart, that will be the end of you.)


December 23, 2009   12:45 PM PST
Dewi Lestari
December 23, 2009   12:53 PM PST
The usual Ve, witty and spot-on :)

I agree with your referring to E-Channel. In my observation, E-Channel just laid out the news as it is, well perhaps with a little twist or naughty question mark at the end, but never narrating the whole story to fit into a certain perspective like our local infotainment. If the local ones can give some room for audience to interpret at their will, not only it gives some respect to our audience's intelligence, it may also bring some elegance to the program.

Moga-mogaaa... konflik Luna ga sia-sia dan cuma numpang lewat, tapi berhasil bikin banyak macan terbangun, dan bisa bikin perubahan, walaupun cuma dikit pun gpp, pada praktek infotainment kita.

~ D ~

December 23, 2009   01:06 PM PST
nice...bitter sweet but true
December 23, 2009   01:11 PM PST
Like the way you write. Totally agree with u
December 23, 2009   01:12 PM PST
I love this! They should alter their name into bullshittainment since they're selling crap...
December 23, 2009   01:15 PM PST
i wish i get a letter like this from my mother everyday. might've made me a better person.
to see it from a certain view, if luna maya is a believer of a certain religion, i've heard many times of the quote: 'accusation is worse than murder', then we can sort of say she does have a point. but i will not go there...
bunda raqi
December 23, 2009   01:25 PM PST
December 23, 2009   01:25 PM PST
You should read it n dee's blog , infotainment workers!
to ve n dee, u r both owesome.
December 23, 2009   01:28 PM PST
people who can accept this 'letter' should have clean heart and mind. beautiful :)
Ibam Arafi
December 23, 2009   01:28 PM PST
Menarik mas.. Beberapa tulisan masyarakat belakangan ini berbicara seputar eksistensi infotainment. Dan apabila sebuah perubahan membutuhkan momentum, saya kira kasus Luna Maya cukup menggetarkan masyarakat untuk setidaknya mulai berbicara. Andaikan para penulis adalah seorang Luna Maya, mungkin ruang pengadilan akan padat jadwalnya ya, mas.. hehehe.. Ya, saya kira masyarakat berharap sebuah perbaikan pada industri kreatif yang ada, dalam hal ini mungkin industri pertelevisian. Kasian adik-adik kita, hehehe..

Sukses terus..
December 23, 2009   01:29 PM PST
Wats with the word 'we'?
Owh, I see wat ur trying to say. U try to say that u belong to this so-called celebrity community, too!
December 23, 2009   01:40 PM PST

funny and bitter... also romantic.
I guess you'll receive an "I Love You Back" letter from infotainment workers (who have hearts :p).

It deserves all thumbs in the world... hahahahahahaaa!!
December 23, 2009   01:49 PM PST
Thanks for all the supports! I take it that you all are ready to give your coins if anything happens ... :P

And yes, Herlina, simply because of my job, I kinda "belong to the celebrity community". I'm just overlooked by the Infotainment, and that pisses me off. Hehe. Anyway, I take it as their loss.
December 23, 2009   01:51 PM PST
ewww, what a perspective!!!
December 23, 2009   01:52 PM PST
this is so good!
well said and great point of view...
December 23, 2009   02:00 PM PST
Nyaris setuju semua isi tulisan di atas.
Hanya tidak setuju di bagian Onky Alexander-nya....

menyandingkan Onky dgn mereka2 sama dengan merendahkan nama-nama para senior itu.

Yes, gw keluar dr inti tulisan.
Tapi ini sama pentingnya...

December 23, 2009   02:05 PM PST
Hai Seseq, thanks for the comment! Hehe. Iya, mungkin secara prestasi, Onky tidak bisa dibandingkan dengan Christine Hakim. Mungkin yang perlu saya tambahkan di atas adalah bahwa Onky adalah contoh "selebriti" jaman dulu - seorang idola, seorang "Boy" - yang besar tanpa infotainment.
December 23, 2009   02:40 PM PST
December 23, 2009   02:41 PM PST
Me like this. Too bad most infotainment people won't be reading this. They're too busy selling themselves.
December 23, 2009   03:13 PM PST
Very entertaining yet true!!
ujang zulman
December 23, 2009   03:20 PM PST
spot on. right on the mark.

Ve... keep up the good and witty writing come.... two thumbs up....!!!!
ujang zulman
December 23, 2009   03:32 PM PST
Well put and said...love it...hope it can bring some good for our society...
December 23, 2009   03:43 PM PST
I HEART THIS ... :) You teach them well ...
December 23, 2009   04:06 PM PST
Sebenernya ada Infotainment yang mendidik. Hanya saja, diputar di TV lokal di kota saya. Programnya 'Inspirasi Selebriti'. Tidak pernah menyenggol yang namanya privasi dari selebriti..

Mungkin orang-orang Indonesia harus dididik, bagaimana untuk tidak mencintai konflik (orang lain) dan menjunjung tinggi DAMAI..
December 23, 2009   04:38 PM PST

Sangat menyedihkan melihat masyarakat kita setiap hari dijejali hal-hal yang ga penting.
terbanglah lebih tinggi
December 23, 2009   04:39 PM PST
thought provoking and nicely written as well!
December 23, 2009   05:05 PM PST
Info-tai is only shit and rubbish in it
Joko Nugroho
December 23, 2009   05:37 PM PST
It's a simply lesson and a wisdom thing advices. We've been living in a rude and disorganized society, sometime we're need to go back to a simple tought call humanism...that a long time ago, our peace lover javanese leader and ancient teach us what it call 'tepa selira'...put in in yourself...when you're pounching or harming others, will you feel it too? I agree with You Mr. Ve. That's nice and wise.
December 23, 2009   07:13 PM PST
I'm no fan of infotainment, so it is kinda sad to see what they bring to our community thru their craps...
bee bint
December 23, 2009   07:49 PM PST
sharp indeed!!! those people dealing with infotainment should definitely stick this writing on their mirror, to be seen and read daily!
December 23, 2009   09:57 PM PST
This is an inspiring Letter !
I have an idea, let we copy and paste it into our email
then send it to tv station's e-mail and cc to infotainment's email
Imagine if they received thousands email with same content !
There is no reason for them ignoring this mail...

*however, Indonesian version will be more acceptable than english version instead, I doubt infotainers are not well-educated enaugh to read this pretty letter
December 23, 2009   10:04 PM PST
Terima kasih buat comments-nya, ya. The article has been slightly edited.

Setuju bahwa ada program infotainment yang bagus, tapi sayangnya BIASANYA program seperti itu kurang mendapat rating, sehingga terancam bubar. Hal yang sama, sebenarnya, juga terjadi di sinetron.

Saya hanya berharap agar tidak ada pihak yang beringasan dan sedikit-sedikit main tuntut-tuntutan mentang-mentang ada UU ITE. Let's face it: undang-undang itu bagaikan senapan mesin di tangan seorang ABG yang belum tahu caranya mengendalikan emosi. Lots of innocent people will become the victims.
December 24, 2009   12:45 AM PST
Totally agree. Hope 'they' can read this! A very nice love letter. Go baby go...
December 24, 2009   05:39 AM PST
COMPLETELY 100% AGREE! Well written, observed, and spotted!
December 25, 2009   07:38 PM PST
Mudah2an tulisan ini juga menggugah para artis supaya lebih berkarya daripada bersensasi :) Really, I'm so tired with celebrities who can't do anything except selling their life.. Such a waste!
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