Entry: Color Up the Spring 2010! 2009.10.17

The Pale-Harmonic
Come Spring 2010, it's blooming pale shades for men. So, hit those treadmills, add the push-ups, and work those abs! If you wanna go white, you better keep it hot in shape!

Louis Vuitton | Paul Smith | Viktor & Rolf | Marc Jacobs | Maison Martin Margiela | Versace | Jil Sander | Hermés

Into the Blue
Aqua splash appears in runways, suggesting cool and fresh as the chosen themes. Go bright on sunny day, go soft for a romantic mood, and go deep for an elegant evening in the park. Blue dominates the mind of almost every designer for the Spring 2010.

Marc by Marc Jacobs | Tommy Hilfiger | Michael Kors | Gucci | Calvin Klein | Commes des Garçons

Issey Miyake | Patrik Ervell | Rag & Bone | Bottega Veneta | Iceberg | Etro

Yellow Glow Glow
As if to balance the coolness of blue, shouting - and sometimes neon - yellow is also beamed through the major runways. Gentlemen are advised to be brighter, stronger, and more cheerful.

Marc by Marc Jacobs | Ralph Lauren | Michael Bastian | Louis Vuitton | Lacoste | Salvatore Ferragamo

Blazing Red
Besides the domination of blue and yellow, red dots also appear in some of the major runways, giving Spring 2010 extra heat. Many suggest to safely pair red with black, and some go extreme to paint the whole body in that passionate tone. Me likey.

John Varvatos | Issey Miyake | Bottega Veneta | Gucci | Y-3 | Marc by Marc Jacobs

Reaching for the Green
Okay, green is my personal color, so I'm reaching to feature this color - I must admit. Green is almost nowhere to be found but Etro's stage where every color is celebrated. It even escapes Issey Miyake's colorful palette! What a blasphemy! My love for green has very little thing to do with this eco-whatever movement (though I support them wholeheartedly). So, here it is ... just to keep my faith that the world is better look green.

Iceberg | Etro | Giorgio Armani | Costume National | Band of Outsiders | Michael Bastian

Images from men.style.com


February 14, 2010   12:58 PM PST
Does any men really wear those blingy gold-colored shoes? I've seen many silver, and not-so-many more subtle gold, but those ones are just... glaring! :D
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February 24, 2011   12:20 AM PST
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