Entry: FPI (Fucked-up Protectors of Islam) vs. Miyabi 2009.10.09

FPI - or Fucked-up Protectors of Islam - protests over just another insignificant thing: the involvement of Japanese sexy idol Maria "Miyabi" Ozawa in an upcoming Indonesian film production. The gang of brainless thugs invaded the office of Maxima Pictures - the film production company - and ridiculously (to no surprise, due to the absence of braincells inside their empty heads) begged the producers to replace Miyabi with local actress Luna Maya.

FPI - the self-acclaimed moralists - has never cursed Jakarta bombings, never taken any part in helping the victims of earthquakes in many parts of this country, but religiously spreads terrors in nightclubs, bars, pubs, only to collect "security fee". In the name of Islam and "God", FPI has been enriching themselves and gradually become unofficial shareholders of those nightclubs, bars, pubs, and other "indecent" places. FPI is the epitome of hypocrisy, the biggest joke in Indonesia, and every member of them should be beheaded.


December 1, 2009   02:03 PM PST
The bad news is Miyabi is not come to Bali. If She come to Bali, i will welcome her to stay at our <a href="http://www.the-residence-seminyak.com">Villas in Bali</a> :D
December 23, 2009   03:00 PM PST
tottaly agree with you...
January 22, 2010   10:46 PM PST
'the epitome of hypocrisy'
your article is simply Brilliant
February 11, 2010   05:12 PM PST
Nice strong opinion!
And so true.
January 28, 2011   07:26 PM PST
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